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Non-Contract (Ad Hoc / Break Fix)Service Support
  1. Service may be requested by calling our office to book an appointment. Service is normally between the hours of Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. A valid Mastercard or Visa credit card is required to book the appointment.

  2. An appointment will be scheduled at a time convenient to the client and an a2b representative will visit at the agreed time +/- 30mins. You will be notified of any changes to the appointment time due to, for example, traffic delays.

  3. Previously booked appointments may be changed and / or cancelled by calling the a2b office. Please give sufficient notice. If a technician has already been dispatched a $35 charge will be made.

  4. An adult must be present whilst our technician is on site. Payment must be made at the end of the appointment via a valid Mastercard or Visa credit card unless prior arrangements have been made.

  5. Once onsite the technician will assess the problem and advise you of necessary action along with time required and costs. If the appointment will extend beyond 1 hour you will be informed and asked to agree.

  6. If the problem cannot be resolved on site the equipment (with your approval) will be removed to our workshop and you will be advised of repair costs and timescale.).

  7. Equipment removed to our workshop will be returned to you at an agreed date / time. Equipment return cost includes 15 minutes to reconnect equipment and demonstrate working condition. Additional time will incur additional cost.

  8. All repairs are covered by a 30 day labor warranty and 1 year parts (excluding labor) warranty. We also include 30 day remote support where possible. Please note that only the issue originally specified is covered. Any additional work will incur further charges. In the event of any problems please contact our office as soon as possible.

  9. It is the customer’s responsibility to backup all data before work commences. a2b will not be held responsible for any data loss.

  10. The customer must supply all system / software disks / licenses, if required.

Please check with our office for current fess and charges


MINIMUM ON SITE CHARGE (call out + 1st hour)


Additional time - 30 minute  blocks

Equipment Return - call out charge
Remote Support - minimum 30 min block)     (for issues not related to initial problem)

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