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Data Backup



  1. It is the clients responsibility to identify all critical data and discuss suitable backup arrangements with a2b Technologies.

  2. For server based networks normally backup arrangements only cover the server. Please inform a2b Technologies if you require client computer backup or clarification of where data is stored.


Remote Data Backup Service


  1. a2b will setup automatic remote data backup as part of a service support agreement for the appropriate monthly fee (see fees and charges).

  2. All obvious critical data stored on a client's system will be included in the backup. It is the client's responsibility to inform a2b Technologies of any specific data backup requests.

  3. Copies of data backup will be held on a2b Technologies Servers for a period of 14 days unless otherwise stated.

  4. In circumstances where a client requires data restore, e.g. accidental deletion, the client must inform a2b Technologies via email at the earliest opportunity. Data restore is not included in service support agreements and is chargeable at our prevailing rates.

  5. Upon termination of a service support agreement all remote data backup copies will be deleted. A copy of the backed up data can be provided on portable media for a fee of $350

  6. Remote data backup requires an adequate and reliable internet connection to be available for a2b Technologies use over night.

  7. a2b Technologies cannot be held responsible for any losses to the client due to failure of remote backup service.

  8. Remote data backup service does not replace traditional on-site backup arrangements.


Enhanced Server Backup


  1. Enhanced server backup provides a complete image based backup of a client stored on external hard drive(s)

  2. The enhanced backup solution is also suitable for critical client computers.

  3. Enhanced backup allows computers to be rebuilt much more quickly in the event of hard disk failure or data corruption

  4. Customers that do not have an enhanced backup solution in place must make all software and licenses available in the event of server / computer rebuild.

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