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Equipment and Software Supply
  1. Upon request a2b Technologies will supply a client with a written estimate for the supply of equipment and software.

  2. If the customer wishes to proceed with the order they must sign the estimate and return to a2b Technologies.

  3. All software, equipment and offsite setup charges must be paid in full before we will place the order with our supplier.

  4. The customer will be informed If there are any changes to the original estimate at the time the order is placed.

  5. On-site installation charges are estimated and will be charges after on-site installation.

  6. The off-site setup charge covers a2b Technologies inspection and pre-configuration of the equipment prior to delivery to customer's site.

  7. Where a customer chooses to supply their own equipment all on-site time is chargeable even in the even that the equipment is faulty and / or unsuitable.

  8. All a2b technologies supplied equipment carries a minimum or a 1 year return to manufacturers warranty. Please check with us for specific equipment warranty agreements. Additional labor charges due to a2b supplied equipment failure are not covered.

  9. Once an estimate is agreed the order is NON CANCELABLE.

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