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Managed Services Agreements

TOTAL – All equipment at 1 or more locations covered + options


FLEX – Select equipment covered at 1 location + options


SOHO – Single user, home / small office, maximum 2 P.C.s, includes limited backup and anti-virus

  1. Clients will (unless otherwise agreed with the client) receive one on-site visit per month to an agreed business location in order for a2b Technologies to carry out essential maintenance and service.

  2. a2b Technologies will allocate appropriate time each month for each service visit depending upon the complexity and the individual business set-up. This time may vary from month to month.

  3. Clients will be charged at the appropriate current rates (please contact us for current fees and charges) for any additional time spent at a service visit to undertake moves / changes / additions over regular maintenance.

  4. Clients may at any time request information regarding the specific time allocation for each appointment/visit.

  5. Services requested which are outside of the current service agreement in place (e.g. for equipment/users not covered) may, at the discretion of a2b Technologies, be provided at additional cost (see fees and charges).

  6. If additional services are requested by the client outside of the current service agreement in place then a2b Technologies will do its best to provide such services in a timely manner.

  7. This service provides pro-active maintenance and monitoring of specific, designated client computer equipment and unless detailed within the service agreement does not necessarily provide support for ancillary equipment such as printers, scanners and monitors etc.

  8. Virus removal and / or data restoration are not included in this service and will be charged at out current rates (please contact us for current fees and charges).

  9. This service does not include coverage for the replacement costs of failed equipment or the labor charges concerned with such replacement. Clients under a service contract with a2b Technologies will enjoy preferential rates for labor costs in such circumstances.

  10. Clients may purchase new equipment/software from any source. a2b Technologies will reserve the right not to include such equipment/software in any client service agreement and/or may refuse to install such equipment for a client.

  11. Priority cover under this service is described as “placing contract client’s needs before those clients who are not covered by a service agreement with a2b Technologies”. Whilst a2b technologies will respond to service client problems as fast as possible it cannot make guarantees on response times.

  12. Telephone/email support is covered by the service agreement and is limited only to equipment/systems identified and covered by the service agreement. 

  13. a2b Technologies does not offer a dedicated Help Desk. Clients requesting support are required to follow a2b Technologies support procedure for reporting problems

  14. Technical Support for covered systems is defined as troubleshooting an issue on covered equipment / system that has previously been working and has now developed a problem

  15. Additional site visits may be required between regular service visits. These will be agreed with the Client and charged at our current rates (please contact us for current fees and charges).

  16. This service is provided to avoid catastrophes to service client’s systems and equipment through regular monitoring and maintenance but a2b Technologies cannot be held responsible for any actual failures of systems and equipment or subsequent damage to a client’s business through such failure.

  17. Remote access of client systems/equipment/software is included in this agreement but limited to systems/equipment/users covered under the agreement.

  18. The client is responsible for ensuring that all software used in their business is properly licensed. a2b technologies can advise the client upon appropriate licensing and safe storage.

  19. This service does include general consultation/advice for the client at service appointments provided during the allocated appointment time. Consultations/meetings/time etc. provided outside of allocated appointment time will be charged at the appropriate rates (please contact us for current fees and charges).

  20. a2b Technologies will strive to attend all service appointments punctually. Changes to notified appointment dates/times will always be via consultation with the client. Where changed dates/times cannot be agreed upon a2b Technologies will carry out remote service for the client for the appointment affected.

  21. New agreements will be subject to an initial set-up fee (please contact us for current fees and charges) to cover the labor cost of systems/equipment/software documentation in order for a2b Technologies to effectively manage the client’s systems. This documentation will remain the property of a2b Technologies.

  22. In the case of agreement cancellation/termination/ending a2b Technologies will destroy client documentation unless the client requests this documentation prior to the cancellation/termination/ending of the agreement. Copies of such documentation will be charged for at the prevailing rates (se fees and charges). Documentation will not be available to clients after the end date of the agreement.

  23. TERMINATION/CANCELLATION by the client can only be made after the term of the agreement has expired (usually after the first 12 months of the agreement). In such cases the client must give a2b Technologies 30 days notice of cancellation/termination and all payments due to a2b Technolgies must be settled. If appropriate a2b Technologies may, at its discretion, supply the client any requested technical information relating to services provided, prior to the agreement end date (or termination/cancellation date).

  24. TERMINATION/CANCELLATION by a2bTechnologies can be without notice to the client and in such cases it will be at the discretion of a2b Technologies as to whether any client technical data/further support will be provided to the client.

  25. At the end of an agreement all services provided by a2b Technologies will cease on the last business day of the month.

  26. At the end of an agreement it is the client's responsibility to ensure that all services are transferred away from a2b Technologies (e.g. Domains. DNS, Spam Filtering, Anti-virus and Backup). a2b Technologies will not be held responsible for any loss of service due to a Client's failure to transfer services away from a2b Technologies.

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