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SSL Certificates
  1. a2b will register and setup SSL certificates for secure remote or web access on behalf of the client for the appropriate annual fee (please contact us for current fees and charges).

  2. SSL Certificate renewal will be automatic each year unless cancelled by the client at least 30 days before renewal, or by a2b Technologies.

  3. Confirmation by the client will be required, each year, for renewals to be effected. This may be via confirming email by the client. SSL certificates will not be registered or renewed without client confirmation in writing or by email.

  4. Prior payment for SSL certificate renewal or registration is required.

  5. In a situation where a client wishes to cancel auto renewal of an SSL certificate (see section 2 above) the renewal agreement will cease at the end of the agreement.

  6. Agreement termination will occur where a client is determined by a2b Technologies as having a delinquent account (e.g. no prior payment for registration).

  7. a2b Technologies cannot be held responsible for any losses to the client due to expiration of SSL certificates.

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