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Access a2b Technologies Support Resources

Raise a Ticket 

The fastest method of obtaining support is to raise a support ticket which allows us to keep track of support requests and allocate accordingly. Our preferred method of submitting a support ticket is via the a2b icon on your computer. This allows you to also send a screenshot and also sends information about your computer.

You can find the icon in the system tray area (bottom right) of your screen.




You can also submit a ticket by sending an email to Please do not copy in any other email addresses.

Please give concise details of your issue including the number of users the problem is affecting. Please also give details of any equipment tag numbers (it should have an a2b number) or computer name (right click on This PC / Computer to show computer name)

You will receive an initial confirmation response along with further updates as we work to resolve the issue. You will be able to respond by email to the ticket confirmation you receive which will further update the ticket. Please limit each ticket to one problem and each problem to one ticket. Where multiple users are affected please allocate one person in your company to raise a ticket and communicate updates to your staff internally. The ticket process will be worked through until the problem is resolved and the ticket is closed. Please create new tickets for new requests for technical support.


We do not offer a telephone helpdesk service or call back service. If you are unable to email please call 407 574 2923 and follow the instructions to report your issue

Emergency Support

If you require emergency support outside normal office hours please raise a ticket. If you are unable to email please telephone our office and follow instructions.

Issue Prioritization

We prioritize issues based upon the time a ticket is created, the type of issue or request and the severity of the request. Issues affecting all users, a server failure, for example or security related issues will take priority and will be responded to as soon as possible. We aim to deal with all other problems within one business day but please note this is only for technical issues. Additions / moves /changes / project work will be scheduled subject to availability so please plan accordingly.

Non Contract Customers / Equipment

Our support resources are provided solely for the use of our Contract Customers with users and equipment covered under the contract. Requests for ad-hoc support should be made by contacting our office.

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