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Web Site Hosting Agreements
  1. Hosting fees are payable in advance, annually (see fees and charges).

  2. Client web-sites are hosted on a2b servers and the site presence on the world-wide-web will be maintained by a2b Technologies for the period of the agreement.

  3. a2b Technologies will not be responsible for web-site presence/operation in circumstances beyond the control of a2b Technologies.

  4. a2b Technologies will not be responsible for the operation/links or performance of any third party and/or embedded third party applications within the web-site.

  5. Changes to web-site content are not included in web-hosting agreements. a2b technologies may, at its discretion, provide minor web-site changes where these changes are possible. All other changes, if they are possible, will be charged for at the current rates (see fees and charges).

  6. An instruction (in writing or by email only) to make changes to a web-site will be deemed as an official order and may be charged for in accordance with section 5. above (web-site hosting agreements).

  7. It will be the client’s responsibility to ensure that the website contains legal material (i.e. material protected by copyright law or is illegal for any other reason).

  8. The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless a2b Technologies from any claims or damages resulting from the client’s website or the hosting of the site by a2b Technologies.

  9. a2b Technologies cannot be held responsible for any client loss of business/income/third party losses as the result of the website being hosted by ceasing to be hosted by a2b Technologies.

  10.  Inappropriate site content or excessive bandwidth use (as determined by a2b Technologies) will usually result in service termination.

  11. The content, advertising, promotion, ranking or effectiveness of a client’s website will be the responsibility of the client at all times.

  12. Unless agreed between the client and a2b Technologies, a2b Technologies will not be responsible for the operation and maintenance of any applications within the client website.

  13. Unless specifically provided for under a separate agreement web-site hosting does not include services to support email ( see email hosting for details).

  14. Web-site content is the sole responsibility of the client and the client should keep relevant back-up copies of files and data pertaining to the web-site.

  15. Off-line copies of client websites hosted by a2b Technologies are kept whilst a hosting agreement is in effect. Copies can be supplied to a client at additional cost (see fees and charges) whilst an agreement is in place.

  16. Copies of a client website can be provided after the end of a hosting agreement , at cost, provided a) the website has not been deleted from a2b servers and b) that a2b Technologies agrees to the provision of such copies.

  17. Operational (panel access) codes to a client’s website can be provided, without charge, to the client whilst an agreement is in place. Outside of an agreement access code information cannot be made available to the client. Once access code information is passed to the client then the hosting agreement is terminated or a2b Technologies ceases to be responsible for the hosting of the website.

  18. A client who wishes to transfer a site away from a2b Technologies may do so prior to the end of an agreement and in such cases a2b Technologies will provide the client with the necessary information for the transfer. In such a case a2b Technologies may, at its discretion, liaise with the client’s new hosting provider to assist with the transfer. The cost of such liaison must be paid for by the client in advance of such assistance and at the current chargeable rate (see fees and charges).

  19. Cancellation or early termination of web-hosting agreements will not attract refunds.

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